HDFC Click2Protect policy got issued without medical test

POSTED BY Prasoon ON September 4, 2012 4:59 pm COMMENTS (18)

Last week I had applied for a HDFC C2P policy, and today got e-mail that ‘your proposal got issued on 04-09-2012 and very shortly you will receive your policy document at your updated address’. There was no medical test, no verification. How can they process a policy of 1 Cr without medical tests? It gives me a nervous thought of claims getting rejected for sure on any of the medical ground.

I already took a policy from HDFC life after going through medical tests. But this was in Feb. 2012. In six months health status can change for a person. From the very starting I was asking about medical tests. If medical test cost is an issue, I am ready to pay for those tests. I understand the rule – ‘If you don’t hide anything, you’ve nothing to worry’, but 1 Cr policy without medical test – rings a bell.

Please suggest a way forward. Will I need to cancel this policy and re-apply? What if they issue without medical test again? What should I do? Will they be ready to do medical tests after issuance of the policy? Am I over-reacting? Shall I go to a diagnostic centre for routine-check-up and keep the records as proof of my health status on current date?


  1. K Rakesh Babu says:

    I’m applying HDFC click 2 protect 3D policy, after completion of medical test they decleaned my application, and says me please re-apply after 6 months. my query is why they are decleaned my application and what are the parameters for decleaned application

    1. Anuradha Singh says:

      Hello Mr. Rakesh, We won’t be able to help you with this query. Kindly Contact HDFC Insurance Company. Thank You


  2. SK says:

    Hey Prasoon
    Looks like I am not alone in this Click2Protect torture inflicted on by HDFC Life upon honest, transparent, revealing and aware proposers like you and me.

    It is my turn to suffer now. For my 50L C2P, not only they skipped medicals, they didn’t even print my complete health related revealations (oil ailments, mothers disease etc) in the Policy bond (I had given every detail but I suppose they deliberately not acknowledged it so that they have an excuse to reject my claim saying that I had withheld material information).

    I am going to return the Click2Protect in the freelook period now. I wish I had red your comments before applying.

    And Manish, I differ from you ’bout theor Customer service. Their CS is limited to writting just ” We believe that you have communicated your concerns to HDFC Life, …….Please feel free to write to us on ‘ ……….” as they have done on this page. Dealing with them is like banging your head on wall.

  3. Dear Mr. Prasoon,

    We believe that you have communicated your concerns to HDFC Life, and awaiting a revert. Please feel free to write to us on ‘ ‘ for any further queries.

    HDFC Life

  4. Prasoon says:

    @All_Above (Including HDFC Life) –

    Despite my several (4-5) e-mails regarding medical test, none of the reply from HDFC Life had any reference of medical tests. They have not confirmed that no medical test was due to FEB 2012 tests. All they replied that – ‘as we have received all the further requirements the proposal converted to the policy’.

    I’ve received the policy, it does not have any reference/mention/enclosure of previous medical tests. As an obvious choice, I had returned the policy on the same date.

    1. Dear Prasson, had you mentioned the reason of cancellation of the policy as not getting proper answer for medical report eligibility?



      1. Prasoon says:

        Yes Ashal! I’ve written them a detailed e-mail, like this –

        I wish to surrender the enclosed HDFC C2P policy (#15391515). Reason is very simple and I repeated in 5-6 emails, repeating again –

        • I asked you – I understand that insurer decides whether medical test is required or not. But how can you process a policy of 1 Cr without medical tests? – BUT NO REPLY
        • I kept saying that I would not accept this policy without medical test. So please arrange for medical test. I was ready to bear the cost of those tests – BUT NO REPLY
        • If my policy issuance is based on Feb 2012 medical tests, then this declaration should be a part of the policy document. Or, last medical test report should be attached with policy docs (as it was with Feb 2012 policy) – BUT NO REPLY/REFERENCE
        • If none of the above is possible, please let me know. So, that I can go for cancellation and re-application – BUT NO REPLY

        None of my e-mails got satisfactory reply. Instead, I’ve received policy documents today. I’ve received no answer of my questions. Nor the policy has any reference about earlier medical tests.

        It looks like to me a certain case of claim rejection on medical grounds, if needs arise. And so, I don’t feel comfortable in continuing this and wish to surrender it.

        Frankly, I had never expected this kind of behaviour (of no reply) from HDFC Life. I am still ready to accept this policy if you issue this based on fresh/previous medical tests.

        1. Dear Prasoon, good. Let HDFC Life come clean. Either they ‘ll provide the solution to your worries or ‘ll simply cancel the policy. In case of your cancellation, you are free to go with any other insurer of your choice.



  5. Prasoon says:

    Manish, Ashal Thanks!

    I guess it’s pretty easy for me to decide now. With last policy they had enclosed my ‘general medical condition report’. And that is a part of my policy. If they are following a 5-6 months rule and if they are transparent enough – they should enclose a copy of the same ‘general medical condition report’ with this policy as well, as this policy got issued based on same condition.

    If they enclose that report this time or have any mention about the same, I’ll keep the policy. Otherwise, I’ll return it within 15 days. I’ll re-apply after Feb 2013, i.e. after one year. Till that time I have the required cover anyway.


    1. Dear Prasoon, do you have your medical report with your old policy? If yes, please keep that policy docs with this new policy. this ‘ll serve the purpose at the time of need.



  6. Dear Prasoon, as the first policy from HDFC was taken within last 6 months so you general medical report was already there & that’s the reason, your policy has been issued with out any fresh medical.

    You ‘ll get the same reason in the reply from HDFC. Please print out this e-mail reply of HDFc & put it with C2P policy papers for future reference.



    1. Prasoon says:


      yes, I’ve got same reply on call and I am waiting for their e-mail. I understand that it is based on previous policy. Problem is that after Feb next year this policy will not be in force. So, I/my family member will not be able to refer to that policy if need arises.

      Should I keep a copy of earlier policy/medical reports as well with the current policy documents, even if the earlier policy gets lapsed. I’ll keep copy of the e-mail as you’ve suggested.


  7. Prasson

    Vivek Rege on Facebook Shared with me and I realised later that your 1 crore plan is a incremental plan from HDFC where you have already taken a policy and its just 5-6 months that you are applying for a new one . Now here as per company policy the health might not be needed if its done in a short span of time and you declare the good health yourself . So I dont think you have anything to worry here ..

    Just be ok with it .


    1. Prasoon says:


      Thanks for putting it on FB, and thanks to Vivek as well. I’ve read that conversation. Few clarification though – my age is 34 and with good health data I meant exclusive data. That is what had happened 20 years/ 25 years back and also mentioning all small bit of information that I could have put. And yes, right now i am in good health.

      Obviously, I had mentioned same details while taking the policy in Feb as well. When I called up their online team today, they mentioned same logic which you mentioned. Still, I’ve written them an e-mail and want this thing in writing.


  8. Ok , i think no medicals was taken because of the “good health” data . While thats not an issue, but you cant ignore the customer “worries” and uncomfortableness. I would suggest you go with Aviva term plan now . Check with them on customer care that you want medicals else you will give the policy back like in case of HDFC , I am sure they will take it and acknowledge it .

    Their customer care is really excellent .


  9. Prasoon

    While term plan without medical tests are ok , still if you feel you will not be able to sleep in nights because of this issue, better give the policy back on 15 day look up period and apply in other companies like Aviva or Kotak .

    I guess the data you gave for your current health is very very good 🙂 . Hence they didnt feel that medical tests are required.


    1. Prasoon says:

      Actually I preferred HDFC over ICICI because later do not push for medical for on-line policies. I think, I’ll return the policy, but I’ll wait for their version of reply as well – what do they say. I’ve written an e-mail that I am ready to bear the cost of medical test.

      Regarding health/other data – yes you are right. It was quite exclusive, and that is expected from JI reader, isn’t it? 🙂

    2. Dear Mr. Prasoon,

      We believe that you have communicated your concerns to HDFC Life, and awaiting a revert. Please feel free to write to us on ‘ ‘ for any further queries.

      HDFC Life

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