Don’t underestimate the power of Compounding

Let me tell you a small story which will help you to understand the power of compounding easily. There once was a king whose daughter was very ill. The king announced to his people that whoever cured his daughter can marry the princess and ask for another reward. One young man came and cured the […]


Why you should be careful while investing in NFO?

Here comes a new NFO!!! In this post we will discuss why one should really be cautious about NFOs and why in general its better not to invest in any NFO. Have you heard about NFOs and IPOs hitting the markets while markets are doing bad? Why is it so? this is a question we […]


“Value Investing” vs “Growing a Tree”

Investments are similar to small plants; they need time to grow and flourish. Most of the investors make a common mistake of not giving enough time to their investments to grow and take a good shape. If you think about how you plant a sapling and manage it well for years so that it can […]


Value Investing by using Nifty PE

Let us see some analysis of current market conditions. Most of the people are rushing to buy now for long term . but this may not be a market to buy for long term. I am myself Bullish now, but for short term not long term. I would not be surprised to see markets rise […]


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